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As the fastest-growing internet, TV, home phone, and mobile provider, Spectrum offers customers the best service at the lowest cost in your area.

Mobile Phone Balance Buyout - Up To $2500****

$49.99* per month for 12 mos with Auto Pay. Prices vary by location.


per month for 12 mos with Auto Pay. Prices vary by location.

Spectrum Deals & Packages

Spectrum D e a l s   &  
P a c k a g e s

Call (855) 460-4353 for Promotional Pricing as it varies by location.



per month
For 12 mos with Auto Pay


Up to 300 Mbps

Available for CONTRACT BUYOUT up to $500*****



per month
For 12 mos with Auto Pay


Up to 300 Mbps

TV Select Signature

150 + Popular TV Channels


Available for CONTRACT
BUYOUT up to $500*****


per month
For 12 mos with Auto Pay


Up to 300 Mbps

TV Select Signature

150 + Popular TV Channels

Voice Home Phone

Unlimited calling

Spectrum S e r v i c e s

Prices vary by location.

Internet® Ultra

Speeds up to
500 Mbps (may vary)


Download the
My Spectrum App

Internet Modem

$69.99* per month
For 24 mos with Auto Pay

TV® Select Signature

150 + Popular TV Channels with
Free HD


Parental controls

Spectrum TV App

$64.99** per month

For 12 mos with Auto Pay


Unlimited calls in
North America

Anti spam
Call guard

No added
Taxes or Fees

Voicemail with
Voicemail Setup

$14.99*** per month

For 12 mos with Auto Pay and when bundled with Spectrum Internet® or TV residential services.


5G Access

Mobile Phone
Balance Buyout

Switch plans

No long-term

Unlimited data plan
$29.99**** per line per month

Free Mobile Line with Auto Pay for 12 mos when in a package with 2+ lines

Spectrum Benefits

We cover up to $500 of your switching cost

Spectrum gives you the service you want without the stress of a long-term contract.

No contracts, no hidden fees and support

Use Spectrum’s patented technology to search providers, compare plans, and order services all on our secure site.

Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee

Spectrum proudly touts 20+ years and 100+ experts dedicated to helping you find what you need.

What Clients Say About Us

“Fast connection, great entertainment.”

“I signed up for Spectrum’s services because it was one of the only options in my area for Internet and cable. With this service, I have more options than ever and have no plans on leaving. The Spectrum Internet® + TV + Phone plan isn’t breaking my bank, and their customer service reps are always available whenever I have a question.”

Jordan Smith

How Does It Work

Call us

Give Spectrum a call at (855) 460-4353 to get the very best deal in your area.


Have one of our skilled Spectrum technicians install your services without leaving your home.


Sit back and enjoy your Spectrum services and savings.

Frequently Asked 

Do you have a question about Spectrum’s services? Are you tired of combing through all the information out there online? Here, you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our loyal customers.

Getting online is more important than ever. With tons of bandwidth, Spectrum Internet® has the fastest starting speeds at an affordable price for your household needs. Spectrum offers a free modem and antivirus software and will never cap your data usage. Plus, added in-home Wi-Fi will make sure your family stays connected with tons of speed for simultaneous streaming.

Spectrum’s customer service specialists will let you in on the best Spectrum deals that are available in your area. From student savings to discounts for low-income families, there are plenty of ways to save, and we’ll be happy to let you in on the best deal available! Plus, our standard rates and limited-time offers are the same nationwide. You’ll never have to worry about changes to your bills if you move elsewhere.

Spectrum customers never have to worry about being locked into a long-term contract. However, other service providers might keep you signed on for an extended period of time. Spectrum’s buyout program offers new customers up to $500 to help take care of any early termination fee for their internet, TV, home phone, or mobile contracts so that they can enjoy lower rates and reliability from Spectrum.

Give us a call at (855) 460-4353 and our customer service team will help find the best plan for you and schedule your appointment for a technician to come in and install your Spectrum services. Our technicians follow strict COVID-19 protocols to keep themselves and your household safe while hooking up your internet, TV, and voice services. If you want to take on installing your Wi-Fi yourself, you can have a self-installation kit delivered right to your door or pick it up at a Spectrum retailer.

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