Spectrum Mobile for Your Home: How Technology Helps Families Feel Closer Than Ever

Spectrum Mobile for Your Home

Spectrum Mobile for Your Home: How Technology Helps Families Feel Closer Than Ever

In today’s world, it seems like we’re moving faster than ever, making new discoveries every day, and learning new things about our world. Whether it’s due to technology, medicine, or the simple act of following your dreams, more and more families scatter farther away and sooner than they did just a few generations ago.

Today, we see more people taking a risk and leaving home at a young age to make it in the world. We also see more opportunities that often take young people away from their families. So, with this rapidly changing world, how is it that families feel closer than ever? Simple: it’s something we didn’t have even 30 years ago—smartphone technology.

Spokesman.com reports that just over 25% of families feel closer due to new technology. With social media, messaging apps, and the overall capabilities of a smartphone, it seems like there’s no limit to where we can go. Now you can talk to people all over the world instantly, and you don’t have to miss any important moments.

Got a kid who’s in college out of state or even abroad? FaceTime them! Are you feeling homesick? Call your mom and dad instantly without breaking the bank! Want to talk to your cousin who’s in the military? Shoot them a text!

There’s almost no limit to what we can do and achieve with technology. Less than 30 years ago, if you wanted to talk to a friend in another part of the world, you’d pay exorbitant long-distance rates to call them. You could write letters or postcards, which would take forever to get to them. Often when you missed them, you’d just have to deal with it. Now it’s all one phone call or text away.

The same Spokesman.com study shows that 94% of adults in a typical household have some sort of internet service. This means that 94% of the world is accessible by any smartphone. Just about every home has at least one adult with some kind of smart device, and about 84% of kids between the ages of 7 and 17 have access to the internet or a mobile device. Now, you’re closer than ever to the world—who knows where responsible use of that capability could take you, your family, colleagues, or the entire world?

With Spectrum Mobile, you can get reliable service anywhere in the world. With unlimited access to our personal Wi-Fi spots, you can call your friends, family, and loved ones anywhere in the world at a low cost and with savings of up to 40%.

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