Bring Your Phone When You Switch to Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum offers customers with qualifying phones the opportunity to bring their existing phone or tablet to the Spectrum Mobile network. Use the form below to locate your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number before you call, and we can let you know if your phone is compatible with the Spectrum Mobile network.

Let’s Get Started by Locating Your Phone Identification (IMEI) Number


Spectrum Mobile

The best value on mobile phone and data for Spectrum subscribers. Spectrum Mobile is a new service designed to save Spectrum subscribers money. On top of up to 40% savings every month*, you get access to the nation’s largest 4G LTE network that covers 98% of the United States plus the nationwide Spectrum hotspot network.

Spectrum Mobile – Available for Internet Customers

Spectrum Mobile provides unlimited talk, text, and data for new and existing Internet customers. What this means is that if you already have Spectrum Internet, you can get started with a new (or your existing) smartphone or mobile device immediately. But, if you are a not a Spectrum customer, consider Mobile a reason to make the switch and sign up for Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps.


  • Spectrum Internet provides Wi-Fi access in your home and on the go with hotspots throughout the United States.
  • Spectrum Wi-Fi connects you to the most comprehensive 4G LTE network in the country.
  • Get unlimited talk, text and data or data-by-the-gig plans–all this with up to 40% in savings*.


Spectrum On Demand for TV On-the-Go

Get Spectrum On Demand and live HDTV when you sign up with Spectrum TV:

  • Spectrum TV AppStream Sports, news, and movies to your smart devices.
  • Spectrum On DemandWatch thousands of On Demand choices in your living room or on your smartphone or tablet
  • Stream On the GoSign up for Spectrum Mobile with unlimited data and stream on your mobile devices wherever you are.

Spectrum Hotspots – Nationwide Wi-Fi

Spectrum Internet and Mobile customers are able to plug in to Spectrum’s nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots. Use Wi-Fi to stream and browse on your mobile devices without relying on your mobile data plan, saving data usage-and money.

Spectrum Mobile Data Plans

Unlimited Mobile Data

With mobile browsing, streaming video, and filesharing becoming the norm, you need a plan that can support lots of data transfer. With Spectrum Mobile, you can get unlimited mobile data to handle any form of media streaming or web browsing you want. Stream videos, browse media-rich social media, listen to streaming music, and more without worrying about the slowdown. Benefits of using unlimited data are:

  • No worries about being charged for going over a monthly data limit.
  • Count on a stable bill that doesn’t fluctuate month-to-month.
  • Never get caught by surprise when a new app uses more data than expected.

Data By-the-Gig

If you know that you only need a little data over the month and want to save some money, then pick up a plan that lets you purchase data-by-the-gig. Users with low data needs will find that they can often save money when they only pay for the data they need. Benefits of buying data by-the-gig are:

  • Lower monthly prices (depending on data usage and needs).
  • Manage data usage from a shared pool of data on multiple lines.
  • Freedom to switch to unlimited for a low price.

Unlimited Talk and Text with All Spectrum Mobile Packages

No matter what kind of data package you sign up for, count on the fact that you’ll get unlimited talk and text in the United States while you are calling from Spectrum Mobile coverage areas. This includes calls throughout the U.S. and calls to Mexico and Canada. You can also text to any country at no added charge!

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