Spectrum Home Phone Benefits

Spectrum Home Phone Benefits

Spectrum Home Phone Benefits

Today, having a landline home phone is almost obsolete, with just about every household switching to wireless. Most of us are happy just using our smartphone due to its convenience. Plus, the average American household only spends about 2.9 hours a day at home when they’re awake.

For most of us, a home phone is just another unnecessary bill you have to pay each month. Even those who still have a home phone rarely use it. How would a home phone service survive in today’s world where fewer households use a home phone? Spectrum Home beats the odds and offers a home phone service that households shouldn’t have to do without.

Sound Quality and Reception

Your cell phone wirelessly transmits a signal to the nearest cell tower when in use. In contrast, your home phone uses a hard line connection. Even when you use a cordless handset, the signal is only transmitted a short distance.

This means that compared to cell phones, you’ll get better signal reception and far less interference or dropouts on a home phone—especially when calling from a basement or dead areas that don’t get consistently strong service from a cell tower. A mobile phone’s wireless signal has a harder time traveling a long distance or pushing through that much metal, dirt, and concrete without being disrupted.

With Spectrum Voice’s reliable service, you’ll never get better quality or service, as Spectrum Voice offers the best reception with no dropped calls.

A Smarter Connected Home

Long gone are the days where you had to wait for someone to get off the phone so you could use your internet at home. Now, home phones have advanced features that integrate with other devices already in your home. With Spectrum Home, integrating has never been easier, allowing you to get Universal Caller ID on your TV and smartphones. You’ll also have access to readable voicemail, text messaging, “Do Not Disturb” mode, and a “Locate Me” function.

With over 28 powerful phone features, Spectrum makes home phones relevant again and a must-have in every home. On top of that, Spectrum supports multiple home phone handsets from a single base, making it ideal for homes everywhere.

Home Phones Are Cheaper

Today, smartphones can do almost everything, including streaming, web browsing, international calling, and so much more. But at what cost? $200 a month? $300? Add the extra cost of calling overseas or going over your data limit, and your phone bill can soar upward of $400.

Home phone service is much cheaper, allowing you to take calls in just one place instead of having to pay for multiple lines. The home phone bundles that most companies offer include savings with a lot of perks you don’t see from a cell phone carrier.

Spectrum offers a lot of great bundles as well as reliable service, allowing you to call all over the world with no dropped calls—as well as the fastest and most accurate connection to emergency services.

Landlines used to be a thing of the past, with many American households abandoning their home phones for their mobile devices. But what they don’t know is how much they’re missing out on the many benefits of having reliable home phone service.

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