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With a new approach to nationwide calling, Spectrum Voice® customers can keep in touch with family and friends with ease right from the comfort of their homes. Call us at (855) 460-4353 to learn more about the benefits of our Spectrum phone service and how you can save while enjoying the perks of our nationwide phone service without being stuck in a pesky long-term contract.

  • Instant tracing to 911 services
  • Reliable landline with no contracts
  • No added taxes and no fees
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Give us a call at (855) 460-4353 to learn about Spectrum Voice® from our award-winning customer service team.

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Schedule an appointment with our talented team of Spectrum technicians to get your phone line installed in no time.

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Enjoy all that Spectrum Voice®has to offer, including free nationwide calling across the U.S., as well as to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more.

How To Call Internationally From The U.S.


Step 1

Shop Spectrum Voice®


Step 2

Add the Spectrum Voice®international calling plan.


Step 3

Reach out to friends and family wherever you are.

(or pay per call and pay pennies per minute)

Spectrum Voice® Pairs Perfectly With Spectrum Internet®, Mobile, and Cable TV!

With Spectrum home phone plans starting at $14.99/month, you’ll have Spectrum Voice® service in your house with nationwide calling and no added taxes or fees to catch you off guard. Stay connected with unlimited calling across the U.S., as well as to Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and more. While a home phone may seem unnecessary, the truth is that a home phone line is crucial to have in an emergency. In the event of a power outage, you may not be able to charge your cell phone. However, your landline will stay working with backup power to provide five hours of talk and eight hours of standby.

Spectrum Voice®
Spectrum Voice®

Combining Spectrum Voice, Internet, and TV services is the best way to guarantee reliable connectivity and limitless entertainment for your home, all at one low price. Spectrum Internet offers service at a variety of speeds starting at 200 Mbps. Spectrum TV offers over 200 channels to watch your favorite shows and movies, and a free DVR service to record your favorites and watch whenever you want. Plus, you can take advantage of Spectrum Mobile’s™ nationwide 5G coverage and WiFi hot spots to enjoy these perks across the United States.

Spectrum Voice

Bundle Spectrum Voice® | Spectrum Home Phone
Great Network. Great Devices. Great Value.

Stuck in a contract? We’ll buy it out up to $500.

Just add Spectrum Voice® when you sign up for Spectrum Internet® or Spectrum TV®.

Fast, reliable Internet with no data caps to slow you down


Spectrum TV

Stream live and on-demand content across more screens.

Get the best home phone deal in your area by calling us today!

Spectrum Internet® subscription required

Spectrum Voice® Features at No Extra Cost

Spectrum Voice® provides much more than just a landline phone. In addition to unlimited local and long-distance calling, Spectrum offers more popular home features when paired with Spectrum Internet®, TV, and Mobile.

Don’t miss calls while you’re out of the house. Spectrum Voice lets you choose up to five additional phone numbers to ring when you receive incoming calls.

Spectrum Voice lets customers add a backup phone number to forward their calls if their service is temporarily unavailable.

With caller ID, any incoming caller’s phone number and name, if available, are displayed on a caller ID unit before you answer the call. Plus, with Spectrum TV®, you can have caller ID information pop up right on your screen.

Spectrum Voice customers can limit incoming calls to people whose numbers they specify. Customers can route all other incoming calls to their voicemail.

Don’t miss a phone call just because you’re talking to someone else. With call waiting, a soft tone will alert you when another person is trying to reach you. You can also go back and forth between the calls as much as you want, never worrying about dropping with that Spectrum reliability keeping the conversation going.

Spectrum Voice customers can select up to 30 phone numbers to block and automatically route them to a polite message stating that calls are not being accepted at this time. This spares you from dealing with telemarketers and other unwanted callers.

Spectrum customers can receive an audio file and full-text transcription of a voicemail message via email. This avoids having to keep going back to the message for the information you may be missing.

You’ll never miss a call from someone important. Spectrum lets you choose up to 30 phone numbers to have forwarded to a designated number.

Spectrum Voice® Phone
Home Service

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spectrum voice®

Bring Spectrum Voice® into your home.

  • A Spectrum landline is a different approach to local calling. Stay connected to family and friends with our unlimited nationwide calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.
  • No added fees or dropped calls.
  • Up to 28 popular features like call-blocking software.
  • Includes voicemail.
  • 911 calls from landlines allow emergency vehicles to locate you.
  • Call Guard to block robocalls.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Spectrum Voice® & Spectrum Landline Are Part of a Connected Home

Spectrum Voice® is part of a connected home.

With incredible connectivity, Spectrum Voice® is an amazing upgrade for your home phone. Now, you can take that amazing service on the go by pairing your home phone with Spectrum Mobile. With Spectrum's nationwide 5G coverage, you can take advantage of unlimited talk, text, and data under the most reliable coast-to-coast network in the United States. Plus, you'll be able to access one of hundreds of Spectrum WiFi hotspots across the United States.

Sound Quality & Reception

With the best in audio quality, Spectrum Voice lets you enjoy crystal clear calls without drops or static. With Spectrum, your hard-line connection taps directly into handsets, creating reliable service and the best reception possible. Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that a battery backup will keep your phone line accessible during power outages.

Why do you need a home phone landline with Spectrum Voice®?

There are circumstances where you need to make an important call and may not have the mobile capability to do so. Think of a home phone as a great backup to have. You want to be able to get in touch with people at a moment's notice, and you want them to be able to reach out to you.

Smarter, Connected Home

Spectrum home phones are equipped with advanced features that integrate other devices and services within your home. Spectrum Voice® works with other Spectrum services to allow you to get Universal Caller ID on your TV and smartphones, readable voicemail, text messaging, the “Do Not Disturb” mode, and a “Locate Me” function.

Spectrum Voice® Packaging

Why not package your home phone and mobile phone with Spectrum Internet®? With unmatchable internet speeds, your home can stay connected without interruption across multiple devices. You'll also score a free cable modem to keep everyone logged on. You can even score extra savings with Spectrum's cable TV plans that are designed for all kinds of customer tastes with over 125 HD channels to choose from.

With Spectrum Voice service, unlimited calling across the U.S. spans beyond just the 50 states. Spectrum Voice includes unlimited nationwide calling to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa. Other international calls can also be made for just pennies at a time.

With Spectrum Voice, you’ll have access to 28 additional home phone features at no additional cost, and with no surprise surcharges and fees. This includes the ability to forward selected calls to another phone number while you’re out of the house, instant tracing to first responders in the event of an emergency, and 3-way calling.

Spectrum Voice customers enjoy not having to worry about long-term contracts, but if you’re stuck in your current deal, we’re here to help. Spectrum offers up to $500 to help buy you out of your contract with your current phone company.

While Spectrum Voice provides you with the home phone service you need, you might want to surf the internet while you wait for that phone call. With Spectrum Internet, you can surf, stream, or work from the comfort of your home with a fast WiFi signal, without having to worry about data caps slowing you down. Plus, we’ll set you up with a free modem to log on.

Spectrum Voice ensures you’ll have crystal clear calls at home at an affordable rate, but why not take things further with Spectrum’s wireless services? Spectrum Mobile’s coast-to-coast 5G network lets you call anywhere, anytime with unlimited talk and text on a leading national plan. Plus, you can bring your cell phone over from your previous phone company.

Your cordless phone might have caller ID, but how would you like to see who’s calling while watching your favorite TV shows? That’s one of the perks of Spectrum TV when paired with Spectrum Voice. Enjoy a variety of HD channels, including premium channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, and more.



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