Spectrum Internet Wi-fi, Coronavirus, And Covid-19

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Spectrum Internet Wi-fi, Coronavirus, And Covid-19

Studies show that more U.S. employees are working from home each year. Technology allows us to host business meetings virtually instead of face to face, making it possible for most of our networking and communication to be done online. The current coronavirus pandemic and the danger of COVID-19 infection have accelerated the need to work remotely.

More than any other piece of technology, the computer has permanently revolutionized the way in which businesses is done. Work is shifting away from a centralized destination that requires a long and stressful commute. Studies show that Millennials prioritize device flexibility and freedom over salary in accepting a job offer. Freedom and autonomy are the top priorities for today’s employees.

Before the availability of high-speed internet connections from providers such as Spectrum and the convenience of laptops and tablets, working from home looked much different than it does today. In the past, business owners and members of management were able to work from home because they didn’t require much ongoing guidance or accountability. A 2016 study noted that about 37% of U.S. workers telecommuted for at least a portion of their work week.

As part of the world’s battle against coronavirus and COVID-19, many people are asked to stay at home to flatten the infection curve. Some industries have halted, and many employees are asked to work from home. Perhaps this could be a game-changer in highlighting the number of people who can work from home instead of requiring people to physically show up at an office.

It is essential to have a reliable digital service, as many jobs require a high-speed internet connection and a computer. Many employees who have an internet connection are able to continue to work despite our duty to socially distance ourselves. Spectrum Internet allows both employees and employers to continue serving their businesses and customers thanks to the reliability of Spectrum’s high-speed products and services.

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