What are the Spectrum Voice features

Not only is our Spectrum Voice home phone service affordable and Crystal clear, but you also get free access to several amazing calling features instantly. This includes;

  • Call Screening – Take those unwanted calls to thrash without any delay.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection – This Shields you from those calls that you hate. Say bye-bye to spamming calls as their days of terror is finally over.
  • Selective Call Acceptance – You only receive calls from recognized contacts.
  • Speed Dial 8 – A faster way to connect with up to 8 contacts that you call frequently with just a single tap.
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More Spectrum Voice Features

  • Call Forwarding
    • Variable Call Forwarding – A more effective way to forward your calls to any phone in the U.S while you’re off doing what you love.
    • Selective Call Forwarding – Would you like to forward a particular number of calls at a given time? With this feature, you can choose to forward up to 12 contacts to any phone in the US. It’s as simple as slicing through a pie.
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Spectrum Tv Choice App

Spectrum Voice has become widely known for the amazing services we offer our customers. It is one of the best services offered by Spectrum. To save more cost, we have decided to integrate our home phone package with Spectrum TV and Spectrum Internet.

This is a two-service or three-service package that gives you a better experience.To spice things up, you can save more bucks every single month with a Spectrum Triple Play bundle. You get unlimited access to our amazing Voice and Internet Services, this comes with different Spectrum TV packages to choose from. Starting from the basic and more affordable Spectrum Select TV package to the Incredible Gold TV which puts you on a whole new level.

Select that TV package that suits you from the three different TV packages we offer with Spectrum Triple Play.

Spectrum TV Select presents you with different basic packages, we have multiple basic cable channels that come in HD. We have also selected regional sports networks and those local Channels that will give you a pleasurable experience.

Spectrum TV Silver gives you extra cable channels, additional sports channels and it also comes with original award-winning programs. To give you a quality experience, get full access to Hollywood movies that don’t include commercials from top-notch channels like HBO, Showtime and Cinemax.

Spectrum TV Gold puts the icing on the cake by giving you the best experience. We offer you

Our largest set of channels, more sports and additional basic cable channels. All these come in HD. With the likes of STARZ ENCORE, STARZ, The Movie Channel and so on, you get to access our finest channels in addition to the amazing ones you already have with our Select and Silver Packages.

We make sure to include Spectrum on Demand with every single one of our TV packages. This also comes with Free DVR.

To give you an experience of a lifetime, our Spectrum Internet Powers up to 200 Mbps. This incredible Speed completes the Triple Package. Get access to Spectrum Voice today and unleash the power of multi-service bundle.


Our Specialty

Great Deals When You Bundle

Spectrum Triple Play packages give you access to all of Spectrum’s services. You’ll not only have the greatest selection of HD channels on the market but also fast enough Internet speeds for the whole family and unlimited calling to boot. Enjoy these services from home, or enjoy them on the go with help from Spectrum’s WiFi hotspot network and the Spectrum TV® app.

Entertainment at Its Best

Spectrum offers over 200 HD channels—more than any other provider. And with included premium channels like HBO®, CINEMAX®, SHOWTIME®, The Movie Channel®, STARZ®, and STARZ ENCORE®, you’ll have access to the best shows on television.
Whether you’re a sports fanatic, movie buff, or eclectic-TV watcher, cuddle up with a bowl of popcorn and tune in to your favorite show at a price you can afford. Once you experience HD programming from Spectrum, you’ll never go back.

Simply Fantastic Internet Service

Spectrum offers high-speed Internet you can depend on. With 100 Mbps, your whole household can confidently stream media without getting bogged down with buffering. And when you sign up with Spectrum, your modem and router are included with no extra fees. Sign up today to enjoy the speed of Spectrum Internet® without the hassle of a contract.

Phone Perks You Won’t Want to Miss

Miss Phone services shouldn’t just be a tacked-on benefit. By including over eighteen popular features—like readable voicemail, caller ID on TV, and a backup phone for emergencies—Spectrum makes phone service a luxury feature. Keep your home soundly connected with Spectrum.

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