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Spectrum is known as one of the best internet and cable TV providers in the United States, but now you can take advantage of even more services with Spectrum Mobile®. You can get unlimited data, talk, and text for your cell phone and other wireless devices while enjoying Spectrum’s nationwide 5G network.

Mobile Phone Balance Buyout - Up To $2500

for the 1st GB per month for 1 year. Prices vary by location.
All Spectrum Mobile® plans require an internet subscription.

Spectrum Mobile® D e a l s

Spectrum Mobile® seeks to provide the best for its customers based on their needs. You’ll get access to nationwide 5G coverage with 2,000 free calling minutes to Canada and Mexico, as well as free international messages from the U.S. to any country.

All Spectrum Mobile® plans require an internet subscription.

Prices vary by location.

Most Popular


per GB per month for 1 year for each additional GB

Buy One, Get One

Unlimited Mobile – $15/mo per line for 12 mos when you get 2 lines.


per line per month for 1 year

Unlimited Data Plan

Use all the data you want with nationwide 5G included. Spectrum Internet® required.


per line per month for 1 year

Unlimited Plus

Use all the data you want with nationwide 5G included. Spectrum Internet® required. Includes FREE roaming in Mexico and Canada (reduced speeds after 5 GB of usage per line).

Spectrum Mobile® Phone Balance Buyout****

Spectrum Mobil Pairs 
Perfectly with our 
Other Services

Spectrum Mobile® Pairs Perfectly with our Other Services

Spectrum One Promotion: Internet + Advanced WiFi + 1 Free Unlimited Mobile
Line for $49.99 for 12 mos.

With unlimited packages starting at $29.99 per line with 2+ lines for 1 year, it only makes sense for Spectrum Mobile® customers to take advantage of all of Spectrum’s quality services and award-winning customer support. You can access WiFi at hot spots throughout the U.S. and even enjoy internet service inside your home with Spectrum Internet®. 

Going Mobile  Like Never Before
Make the most of your phone plan with plans designed for the Spectrum customer.

Live TV and more with Spectrum

Watch live TV and on-demand programming on any screen, including smart TVs and smartphones. You can stream, surf, work, and game faster than ever with lightning-fast internet speeds through Spectrum's Wi-Fi hot spots. With a Spectrum Mobile® plan, you can talk all you want to family and friends in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and more. Plus, you can get all of this with no contracts or early termination fees.

Unbeatable prices

Spectrum Mobile® is all about saving customers more each month. Spectrum doesn't cut corners, providing customers with the best services for the most affordable prices. Whether you want an unlimited data plan or by the gig, you can save money on your cell phone plan and get access to one of the most reliable networks nationwide.

Get the Most Out of Your 
Cellular Network

Get the Most Out of Your Cellular Network

With Spectrum Mobile®, you’ll be able to call and text with a reliable cellular network through wireless phone towers that provide users with strong mobile service. We provide the strongest networks in the U.S. and offer 5G and 4G LTE coverage, even in many rural areas. Plus, you never have to worry about long-term contracts or hidden surcharges and fees on your monthly bill.

Unlimited data

Unlimited data plans have become the standard when it comes to cell phone plans. Users need a data plan without limits to work, play mobile games, and stream content. With Spectrum Mobile® phones, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank for an unlimited data plan like other mobile services.

Unlimited talk and text

Whether you need a family plan with several lines or an individual line, Spectrum Mobile®'s unlimited plan lets you talk and text whenever you want. Plus, you'll never have to worry about data caps or being limited in the services you'll receive with Spectrum Mobile®.

Game-changing Mobile Deals

With Spectrum Mobile® plans, you get the fastest starting download and upload speeds, meaning not only do you get fast streaming but you can also hop online anywhere. Plus, with the Spectrum TV® App, you can easily stream your favorite shows, movies, or live sports.

The Spectrum App Gives 
You Access Anywhere

The Spectrum App Gives You Access Anywhere

Take advantage of all of the additional services that come with Spectrum Mobile®!

Expansive cellular coverage

Download more than 80 network TV apps anywhere with Spectrum's high-speed internet connection.

Streaming TV, platforms, and more

Download more than 80 network TV apps anywhere with an Internet connection.

Frequently Asked 

Do you have a question about Spectrum’s services? Are you tired of combing through all the information out there online? Here, you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our loyal customers.

Spectrum Mobile® is changing the wireless industry. With a nationwide 5G network, you can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data, saving with the number of total lines you bring from your previous carrier. You can also bring your cell phone along or trade in and purchase some of the latest models, including iPhones, Samsung phones, and more. You’ll also enjoy access to Spectrum Internet® at Wi-Fi hot spots across the U.S.

You can absolutely bring Spectrum TV®, Internet, Mobile, and Voice services together! In fact, we highly recommend it! Contact us at (855) 460-4353 to speak to a customer service specialist today who will show you just how much you can save while getting the undeniable reliability of the Spectrum brand. We’re also accessible online and at over 200 brick-and-mortar retailers across the United States.