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Get the most advanced services for your home.


Spectrum TV®

FREE HD | FREE On Demand | Free Spectrum TV App

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FREE modem | No data caps | Blazing-fast STARTING speeds

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Get the most advanced services for your home.

Unbeatable offer on Spectrum services!



Per month for 12 mos*




Per month for 12 mos*



Per month for 12 mos*

A Spectrum home is a connected home.

Watch live TV and On Demand on any screen, from smart TVs to smartphones. Stream, surf and game faster than ever with game-changing Internet starting speeds. And talk all you want to family and friends in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and more countries. Plus, get it all with NO contracts and NO early termination fees!


Spectrum Texas


Spectrum is one of the most trusted service providers you can find here in Texas. We are dedicated to the provision of high quality services in communication and entertainment. With our highly trained employees and the advanced technology we have in place, we guarantee excellent services that meet the taste of all our customers here in Texas.


Our packages and services include the best Spectrum landline home phones, voice, internet, mobile and cable TV.

Spectrum TV gives you the full access to control your entertainment from any where you are. You can sit back with a cup of coffee at your beautiful home in Austin, Houston, Dallas or other cities in our beautiful state of Texas and enjoy shows from our premium channels in HD. You can also unlock the unique features of our Spectrum TV app by watching TV on the go via your mobile phone.


Spectrum Internet sets the game on for customers with internet service that comes with fast and efficient connectivity. You can connect the whole family and explore the internet for as long as you like with our Incredible Spectrum WiFi. Our internet boosts with speed starting from 200Mbps which connects with any server within seconds. This is one of our amazing packages that you can get at an affordable price.


Spectrum Mobile gives you full access to our Spectrum WiFi networks anywhere you go. This package helps you save a lot on a monthly basis while you still enjoy our best services from the comfort of your mobile phone at anytime of the day.


Spectrum Voice simplifies communication for all our customers. You can now check on your family and contact your business partners more conveniently with no extra charges. It even makes more sense because we let you save up to 35% on calls more than your normal call company charges you.


So the great state of Texas, enjoy the show! The SPECTRUM Cable TV | Home Phone | Voice | Internet and Mobile packages!

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Spectrum San Antonio, TX Internet | Cable TV| Mobile | Voice | Landline Home Phone

Spectrum TV, Internet and Voice: Limited time offer; subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and who have no outstanding obligation to Charter. Price for TV Select, Internet and Home Phone is $102.97/mo. yr 1 & $122.97/mo. yr 2; standard rates apply after 2 years; Taxes, fees and surcharges (broadcast surcharge up to $17.99/mo.) extra and subject to change during and after the term; installation, equipment and additional services are extra; General Terms: TV: TV equipment required, charges may apply. Channel and HD programming availability based on level of service. Account credentials may be required to stream some TV content online. INTERNET: Speed based on wired connection. Available Internet speeds may vary by address. VOICE: Unlimited calling includes calls within the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and more. Services subject to all applicable service terms and conditions, subject to change. Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. ©2022 Charter Communications.

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