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Are you looking for the best internet, cable, TV, and home phone services in New Jersey? Then Spectrum is for you. Spectrum offers high-speed internet, home phone and television services in one, and the best part, with a huge discount just for you. Plans are affordable and if you call us, we will bring up to you the best bundle deal and package in your area, ensuring you are saving the most and not expending more than your actual budget. Click below in the link of the package you like the most and call us to see its availability in your area in your city of New Jersey. We don’t stop here, because we will also look for the best services combination in your area, for you to get the most out of the Spectrum bundle discount.

Sprectum is outstanding in contrast to other providers, thanks to its full packages and best customer service. Whether your like to stay informed, watch sports or family channels, Spectrum has you covered with its 1000+ channels lineup. Also, Spectrum offers a list of the best local channels in New Jersey, along with multi-cultural channels in French, Spanish, English, and more!


We know that New Jersey residents love to find good deals and spend less than their expected budget. That’s why we can ensure that with spectrum, you will find the best bundle packages with the best discounts, to get all your services in one place: Streaming TV, high-speed internet, mobile line and home phone services. You can start the bundle with Spectrum triple play or Spectrum double play. The bundle with Spectrum offers fully digital cable TV, tons of hd channels and On-Demand streaming. The best part is that you will be able to watch TV wherever you are, in any device, at any time. As your second option, you can add to your bundle package deal Spectrum internet, a fiber-optic based internet service with speeds from 200 Mbps to up to 1000 Gbps, depending on your connectivity needs. With these levels of speeds, you can ensure that Spectrum will be the most reliable connection, since you will not have any interruption because of data caps or any other limits related problems.

Enjoy online games, live videos at the highest quality, without getting into lag or slowdowns in your internet connection.

Finally, you can add spectrum Voice for completing your Spectrum triple play service. With nationwide call at no extra charge in all the U.S. and many additional home phone features at no additional cost, with no hidden extra fees or anything that is not in your knowledge or you are not aware of.

Meet The Spectrum Offers for New Jersey

Open every page in milliseconds

Speeds from 200 Mbps up to 1 Gbps

High-speed internet
Free modem
No data caps

99/mofor 12 mos

The best coverage in New Jersey and all the U.S.

Stay connected at the highest speed.

Unlimited nationwide talk and text
No extra taxes or fees
No contracts

99/moper line with 2+ lines

More HD channels than any other provider

+125 channels with FREE HD

FREE Spectrum TV App®
Enjoy thousands of On-Demand programs

99/mofor 12 mos

Stay in touch with your love ones, at the most affordable price.

Unlimited calling in the U.S.

Dozens of calling features
No added taxes or fees
99/mofor 12 moswhen bundled

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